An Introduction

An Introduction

Hello! I have started this blog in the hopes of helping those who are lost in the world of dog toys, accessories and other miscellaneous items relating to dogs. The reason behind this being that I have a very destructive dog. The testing methods used will be rigorous, the Tester- unforgiving. Don’t let the innocent face fool you! The Tester will be trying out items available in the UK, as I have found the market for fun and durable toys to be a little lacking, I want no one else to waste money if they know their dog is a vigorous chewer. Marks will be given out of 10 paws in four sections- durability, value for money, entertainment level, overall product value. I hope this reaches at least one person so they don’t have to go through the annoyance of purchasing new toys, only for them to be destroyed in a few minutes!


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